Oct 14 2008

Her Majesty of Sound

For some time now, I've been discouraged by the lack of a music scene in Charlotte. While we have great venues and fairly steady stream of good shows, a sizeable audience never seems to materialize. If no one goes to the shows, then the bands don't come back—it's that simple.

With that in mind, I'm happy to announce the launch of Her Majesty of Sound. Currently, the site is a basic concert calendar, highlighting the best upcoming shows in the Charlotte area. Obviously, there are a lot more shows scheduled in the area, but the intention is more about quality than quantity. Of course, my criteria is purely subjective, but there is an effort being made to provide a diverse listing.

Following the tenets of Getting Real, I took the quickest, easiest path to getting the idea up and running. Rest assured, I'll be regularly rolling out updates. For now, go check out the impressive lineup of shows Charlotte will host in October and November.


I already found 3 shows I want to check out. This is a most excellent idea.

Ben — Oct 15 2008

Nice. It's already useful!

Robbie — Oct 15 2008