Oct 7 2008

Michael Lebowitz Presentation at Click:NY

A few weeks back, I watched the Big Spaceship installment of Creative Inspirations over on Lynda.com. I already knew Big Spaceship produced great work, but the videos revealed more of their internal organization. I've always been an advocate for teams and I love the way they structured their company. While they have about seven persons per team, it can be effective for a team of just two. There's something to be said for the cohesion and rhythm that can develop within a team.

Recently, Michael Lebowitz of Big Spaceship spoke at the Click:NY conference. I found notes from Lebowitz' lecture on Swissmiss and they expand on the fundamentals covered in the Lynda.com videos. Additionally, Lebowitz posted the presentation slides on his blog—definitely worth a quick read.

My favorite notes from said slides:

  • Don't say "Creatives"
  • Fun begets passion, passion begets quality
  • Small is good
  • Experiment constantly

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