Jan 2 2012

New Work from 2011, Plans for 2012

Last year was a good one. I was lucky enough to work steadily throughout the year on some great projects. I've added some of said projects to the portfolio: SunGard, Bojangles', InVue Power Up, Wire Rope Exchange and BAM Architects. I can only hope for similar prosperity and clientele for 2012.

At the end of 2011, I made conscious effort to consolidate my focus. Accordingly, I've dropped several of my half-baked side projects and languishing domains. For the projects that made the cut, there are a few minor developments on the horizon and some grander plans, but I won't get into those until the time is right. As well, look for Quasi Object Labs here soon eventually.

Finally, I will breathe some new life into the blog this year. I realized that what is posted here doesn't have to be anguished over or amazingly articulate (not that any previous posts were either). Basically, whenever Twitter's 140 characters don't cut it, I'll probably post those thoughts here. Expect some cross-posting from Forrst, too.


Great additions to your portfolio! Can't wait to see what you do in 2012.

Will — Jan 3 2012

Thanks, Will. I know of a couple good things that 2012 holds, but the rest is a mystery.

Robbie — Jan 3 2012