Jan 3 2011

Updated Logo, Website

Updated Logo, Website

I've been wanting to make a few tweaks to the Quasi Object logo for a while now. The original Q came from a font I created back in college and it didn't have the exactness I felt warranted by the services it represents, web development.

Accordingly, I rebuilt the logo based on a 4x6 grid, with each block as one unit. For the blocks with rounded corners, I further broke them down into a 4x4 grid and rounded the corner at 25%. Whether it needed to be done or not, it at least appeases the OCD gods (for now).

Of course, once I started fiddling with the logo, that made me want to take a look at the website. I ditched my homegrown setup for Kohana 3 and expanded the site out with dedicated project pages, an about page and a contact page. The plan is to keep iterating on this throughout the year, but I wanted to start fresh for 2011.

Last but not least, I added all my notable work from 2010 to the portfolio. Out with the old, in with the new. Here's to a successful, productive 2011, everyone!


Just in case anyone is interested, here's what's coming down the pike:

- Next/last navigation on project pages
- Multiple project screens
- Project videos
- Blog search
- Tags

Robbie — Jan 3 2011

Thanks for the update! It'll be a lot more psychologically satisfying whenever I see your logo now.

I'll be looking forward to the addition of the project videos!

Will — Jan 3 2011

Looks great Robbie!

Mark — Jan 4 2011

Me gusta the new logo. I like how you used all that MATH!

Kohana just released v. 3.0.9 and there's been some significant updates, so I may update my deployment package with it (was waiting until 3.1). When you come over to work next week maybe we'll run through it together and see if there's anything else we can add to make a nice, useful initial deployment setup (template engine, etc.). I find it saves me at least an hour per project.

Wuori — Jan 9 2011