Nov 14 2008

High-Quality YouTube Hack

Jimmy Ruska (via Kottke) discovered a nice query string hack to enable high-quality videos on YouTube. Basically, just append this to a YouTube video URL:


According to Ruska, the format 18 video is encoded using "H.264 with stereo AAC sound at 480x360." Following the Kottke post, a YouTube engineer responded with a format 22 video, which is encoded at 720p. The engineer also noted that not all videos have format 18 or 22 versions, dependent on the source file uploaded.


Good stuff. Do you know if you can access the high-quality video in the chromeless player?

Will — Nov 19 2008

Looks like you can add this string to the embed code:


Look about halfway down Kottke's post to see it in context. I assume if it works for the standard embed it would work on the chromeless player.

Robbie — Nov 19 2008