Oct 8 2008


Back in August, Mozilla Labs introduced Ubiquity. As with most experimental prototype plugins for Firefox, I received the news of Ubiquity with a grain of salt.

One night a few weeks ago, I decided to give Ubiquity a test drive and installed the plugin on my laptop. Even though it's essentially just a proof-of-concept at this point, it opens a new world of functionality for browsers.

Ubiquity functions much like Enso from Humanized, which is no coincidence, since Aza Raskin joined the Mozilla team earlier this year. Basically, you launch Ubiquity with a key command and type a natural-language request (i.e., map Concord, NC). That's only the gist of the platform; to really experience the functionality, you should watch this video or just install the plugin.

Since Ubiquity is a platform, commands can be created using basic Javascript—check out the Command Author Tutorial. I'm definitely watching the development of this platform with great interest, because it could eliminate many of the needlessly repetitive actions associated with browsers and the web.


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